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In this pun on the Madeleine L'Engle book A Wrinkle in Time, we see Meg Murry using an iron to get rid of any wrinkles in a clock.
If only the film adaptation had been based on this cartoon, it may have been bearable.
In this cartoon, we see some presidents worth celebrating. These are of course presidents of high school clubs - we see the presidents of mock trial, the French club, Recycling club, and the Comic Book Appreciation Society.
Trying not to forget the reason for the season
In this pun on the sentiment that print media is becoming irrelevant, we see some ear relevant print media. We see Time Magazine's Person of the Ear issue (it's an elephant) and Martha Stewart Living's issue on Festive Earwax Crafts.
Journalism at its finest
A woman dances with a robot who has a huge earpiece and antennae. She is happy to have found a partner who listens, even if he does report everything back to the NSA.
Whether you love humans or diabolical robots created by and reporting to the government, happy Valentine's Day!
In this pun on the song All My Exes Live in Texas, we learn that while all my X's live in Texas, most of my other letters live in Chicago. We see P, Z, K, and G in front of the bean and Hancock tower wearing Cubs and Bears gear.
However, after this past winter, they too are considering relocating to a warmer climate.
In this pun on cattle call, we see two cows on the phone.
Talking til the cows come home
In this pun on the Fortnite dance craze of flossing, we see a pediatric dentist asking her kid patient how often he flosses, and he says, while doing the flossing dance atop the dental chair, "EVERYDAY!"
Scene from what I imagine every pediatric dentist office has been like since the advent of Fortnite
In this mash up of the Kentucky Derby horse race and roller derby, we see distraught jockeys riding distraught horses who are wearing rollerskates.
I would definitely wear a funny hat and watch this.
In this mash up of Genghis Khan and con artist, we see Genghis Con Artist, who is trying to seduce a rich lady so he can take her for all she's worth.
Another good scam idea would be hitting up his 16 million living relatives to ask for money.
In this pun on the TV show The Dog Whisperer, we see a woman whispering to a dog, "Can you keep a secret?"
A much different, but no less enjoyable, tv show premise