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In this pun on Frankenstein's monster, we see Frankenstein's muenster, a semi-soft cheese that Dr. Frankenstein and Igor seem thrilled to have brought alive... with flavor.
Another triumph for the semi-soft sciences
In this pun on flying coach, we see two passengers literally flying in a coach (attached to a flock of birds). This is definitively worse than first class, but better than Frontier Airlines.
I, on the other hand, would be delighted to be upgraded from “basic economy.”
In this comparison cartoon, we see a bunch of cacti next to a cat in a tie.
Both are fabulous accessories for any hipster home.
In this pun on gym rat, we see a rat at the gym lifting weights.
In this pun on the hit Survivor song, "Eye of the Tiger," we see the eye exam of the tiger, which is a tiger at the optometrist in the phoropter reading off the letter chart and not doing too well.
Nothing pumps me up like listening to a giant feline guess which letters are which!
In this pun off the Cher classic, "If I could turn back time," we see me, as a bouncer, turning away time (a clock) for not being on the list.
If only...
In this pun on the straw that broke the camel's back, we see a camel with a broken back staring at a police lineup. All the culprits are straws, and the camel i.d.s the perp.
One more reason to ban straws
In this pun on number two pencils, we see a pencil named Archie on the victor's stand's second place step, lamenting the fact that he is always number two (like a number two pencil). Oy.
Pencil Problems
In this pun on carbon dating, we see two carbon molecules on a date.
The most romantic way to determine the age of an object
In this pun on transcendentalism and dental work, we see a dentist read from Ralph Waldo Emerson's Nature and tell her patient, "The organization of your teeth is corrupting the individuality of your top canine!"
My insurance also doesn’t cover this.