236 Animal Pun Cartoons

All these cartoons are wild (except for the domesticated ones).

In this pun on physicist Stephen Hawking, we see Stephen Hogking, a pig version of the famous scientist, presenting on his book: "A Brief History of Swine: From the Pig Bang to Watering Holes."
This one had me lamenting the fact that I hadn’t committed to “Birds of Prey in Science.” #pigsinscience
In this pun on Albert Einstein, we see Albert Swinestein, which is a pig version of the famous scientist.
#pigsinscience week continues!
In this pun on Danish physicist Niels Bohr, we see Niels Boar, a scientist who also happens to be a wild pig.
For whatever reason, this week, I am presenting a series about pig scientists. I apologize in advance. #pigsinscience
In this pun on the phrase "I know how to get his goat," we see a man and his goat. The goat is talking to a second person who seems much more empathetic, and he says, "Thanks for listening. I feel like you really understand me."
All those classes on therapeutic engagement were worth it! #thankssocialworkschool
In this pun on keeping your hair in a pony tail, we see a person with long hair lying on a pony's back with her hair in its tail.
How I’ve been dealing with my hair during quarantine
In this pun on astronaut, we see an asstronaut, a space traveler who is an ass (as in a donkey, not a dope).
In celebration of today’s SpaceX launch and also of lowbrow humor
In this pun on the processed meat delicacy the hot dog, we see a hot dog, which is just a winking poodle, who is presumably very hot (in an attractive way) (but only to other dogs).
Sorry for this.
In this pun on the brontosaurus, we see a dinosaur called the brawn-tosaurus, which is a chiseled dino with a six-pack of abs and swole arms lifting a 7.5 million pound weight. He wears a hat that says, "Gains 4 Lyfe " as all bros who lift must.
There’s a reason they weren’t called “braintosauruses.”
In this pun on the medieval weapon the battering ram, we see a different kind of battering ram - a sheep in the kitchen (seemingly on a cooking show) holding up a raw onion saying, "Before we fry the onions, we must dip them in our mix!"
Even animals are cooking more during social distancing.
In this hippo themed pokemon pun, we see various pokemon (Jigglepuff, Charzard, Squirtle, Picachu) as hippos.
HippopotaMUST catch ‘em all!