235 Animal Pun Cartoons

All these cartoons are wild (except for the domesticated ones).

In this play on Noah's ark, we see Noah's other boats: Noah's sailboat, Noah's yacht, Noah's kayak - all with animals aboard enjoying themselves to varying degrees.
A celebration of Noah’s lesser-known sea-worthy vessels!
In this pun on the phrase that you've got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your price, we see a gal with her arm around a giant frog as she talks to her friend. She says, "I kissed a lot of frogs in my twenties, and then I realized - maybe I just like frogs
Know thyself.
In this pun on the term catfishing, we see a cat fishing - in full fisherman gear, relaxing in a boat.
A classic premise for an MTV reality show!
In this taxonomy pun cartoon, we see a woolly mammoth, next to mammoths made of other fabrics: a felty mammoth, a cottony mammoth, and a very uncomfortable spandexy mammoth.
Why I am not a taxonomist
In this play on Apple exec Steve Jobs' infamous and ever-present black turtleneck, we see Steve's job's turtle's neck. This plays out by seeing Steve, who is at work at an exotic pet shop, standing next to a turtle, who has a neck.
I’d say this sums up my knowledge of the tech industry.
Rudolph plays in a reindeer game. Unfortunately, it is incredibly boring.
He was relieved that at least they weren't playing Uno.
In this pun on the phrase "I have crabs," we see someone who is thrilled to have gotten crabs - of course, they are adorable pet hermit crabs.
Dedicated to the numerous ghosts of hermit crab pets past
In this pun on the golden retriever basketball movie Air Bud, we see Heir bud, which is a young pup prince and his king dog dad, who tell him, "This will all be yours someday."
Can’t wait to stream this on Disney Plus
In this pun on dog walker, we see a dog walking with the assistance of a walker mobility device.
Helping dogs help themselves
In this pun on Paul Bunyon's companion Babe the Big Blue Ox, we see Babe the Big Blue Oxford Comma Enthusiast, a blue ox schooling Paul on the thrills of grammar.
He’s big, he’s blue, and he’s ready to go on an hour-long rant about grammar at a moment’s notice.