25 Fish Pun Cartoons

Something's fishy.

In this pun on coral reef, we see a choral reef, which is coral that is in a choir.
Yes, they're singing "Hark! The Herald Angelfish Sing."
In this pun on smoked fish (my favorite of which is, of course, lox), we see a woman smoking a fish like someone would smoke a cigarette. Note: Smoking anything is not a great idea, especially a live fish.
Screw the sturgeon general's warning!
In this pun on making a mean tuna melt - a classic sandwich that I wish wasn't so unhealthy - we see a person seducing a tuna fish who, we learn, is generally quite mean but who is currently swooning.
Nothing like seducing a rude fish! #quarantinehobbies
In this pun on Koi fish, we see two coy fish, having a conversation under the pretense of being shy. One says, "Who, little old me?" The other replies, "Oh, I couldn't possibly!"
I prefer marine life that is more flirtatiously forward.
In this pun on the idea that people say fishing is relaxing, we see a guy and his buddy fishing. His buddy is a fish. And the fish tells the guy, "You're right -this IS relaxing."
Dedicated to the kid who told me one of his hobbies is “hanging out with my fish”
In this pun on trout and outlaw, we see a troutlaw, which is a trout in a cowboy hat and bandana.
Wanted for armed robbery and bland flavor
In this play on mermaids being half fish, we see Merlin, the wizard from The Sword in the Stone, who, because his name starts with mer-, is clearly half wizard, half fish.
Half fish, half wizard
In this pun on God complex, we see a cod fish with a cod complex, talking about how great it is because it is a cod.
I’m on a fish kick over here.
In this pun on soul searching, we see a mom and kid at an aquarium looking at the fish, searching for a sole fish.
Who am I? What am I doing with my life? What is that hideous fish? Why do I want to eat it?
In this pun on fish sticks, we see fish schticks - a fish performing its comedy routine at an open mic.
For all the funny fish out there