23 Fish Pun Cartoons

Something's fishy.

We see sea creatures telling secrets to each other. An octopus tells an anglerfish about a squid, a lobster tells a jellyfish he's not really from the Atlantic, a fish tells a jellyfish it didn't read the book club book, a squid reveals it isn't an XS.
Marine biologists just go into the field so they can uncover great gossip.
In this pun on Theseus and the Minotaur, we see Greek soldier Theseus stand before a quite benign Minnowtaur, which is a monster that is mostly a small minnow.
I’d be fine getting lost in this maze.
In this comparison cartoon, we see two Greek gods toasting with the nectar of the gods next to two cod fish toasting with the nectar of the cods.
One confers immortality on all who drink it, the other turns you into a mild-flavored fish.