65 This or That Pun Cartoons

Comparison may be the thief of joy, but it is also the subject of these cartoons.

In this comparison cartoon, we see a cowhide rug (a rug made of cow skin) next to "rug hide cow", which is a cow sneakily holding up an oriental rug and hiding behind it.
Has social distancing made me stoop to this level of cartoon, or is this just who I am? (I know, I know, it’s the second one.)
In this comparison cartoon, we see roast beef next to a beef roast (one bull doing a comedy roast of another cow, saying, "Cupcake, you may actually be a holstein, but I think you're more of an A-hole-stein!")
Feeling very high-brow over here. (PS: sorry this is #nsfwfh -not suitable for work from home?)
In this pun on rows and columns, we see robots (robots in rows) vs. columnbots (robots in columns).
Automaton taxonomy
In this comparison cartoon, we see a dog collar next to a dog caller (a dog on the phone).
Dog terminology, explained
In this comparison cartoon, we see delicious Italian food treat, garlic knots, next to two adorable garlic astronauts (astronauts whose heads are garlic bulbs, ready to spread flavor to the outer reaches of the universe).
Both are out of this world!
We see a water cooler next to a water coolest (which is just a very hip glass of water in sunglasses).
Comparative vs Superlative adjectives, explained
In this comparison cartoon, we see a Bar Mitzvah boy talking about studying 3 sentences of the Torah over a few years, next to a Bill Barr Mitzvah, which is Bill Barr saying he scanned the Torah and found no evidence of conspiring with Russia in it.
Sending thoughts and prayers to anyone bracing themselves for spirited discussions about politics or religion this upcoming holiday season.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a person lazing on a couch-a couch potato-- and a couch with an actual potato on it-- a potato couch.
Lazy Sunday where my most inspired idea is about making miniature furniture for vegetables
In this comparison cartoon, we see "Swine Flies" (a pig flying) next to "Swine Flu" (a sick person on a couch)
An exploration of conjugations
In this comparison cartoon, we see sky scrapers next to sky neosporin (presumably to clean up all the sky boo-boos that the scrapers scrape.)
Not sure why the NYTimes isn’t covering the breaking news that, with the increase in skyscrapers, there’s been an unprecedented number of sky boo-boos.