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A purple butterfly in a suit, labeled "President Butterfly" stands next to an orange butterfly with a crown and queen ensemble, labeled "Monarch Butterfly."
More forms of government deserve butterflies!
In this pun on King of Clubs, a playing card king gives the "Rock on!" sign while standing in front of two dance clubs.
Can't wait to go clubbin' at Exclusive Night Place!
In this pun on hot cross bun, a rabbit who looks overheated and angry, stomps his foot while he sweats and fans himself.
Seems like a bad hare day.
In this pun on the stone age, two rocks joyfully shout their ages. One is 43 years old, the other 6.
Getting older ROCKS!
In this pun on the pied piper, a piper leads a group of pies on parade.
Obviously the best way to get revenge on people for not paying you for rat removal is to take their pies.
Two dogs give each other a fist bump.
For when "shake" is too formal
Unlike the tale told in Greek mythology, this Jason, aboard his ship the Argos, feels some raindrops, and laments wearing his golden fleece jacket instead of a waterproof coat.
Being ill-prepared for inclement weather is the real Greek tragedy.
A minivan that has vampire teeth.
I vant to suck your gas!
In this pun on papal bull, a bull is dressed as the pope.
Holy cow!
A magic carpet talks to Aladdin, but it turns out, he doesn't fly, he actually just does close-up magic.
I can show you the world, but only if you first pick a card, any card.