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A pun of Keith Haring, except instead of the iconic man outlines, they are outlines of herring fish.
Something's fishy about this art.
The Crypt Keeper from "Tales of the Crypt" sits on a throne bedazzled with the logos of various crypto companies (including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bytecoin, Ethereum) and tells a very spooky tale - "And the next morning... the Dogecoin was down... 80%!"
The scariest tale of all.
A software engineer in a CTO shirt is interviewing a snake, presumably about coding languages. The snake is saying, "Actually, Python was my first language!"
Don't worry, I hired a tech consultant and a snake to approve this one.
A regular leaf confronts his leaf friends who, with their piercings, leather vests, tattoos, and studded chokers, look like they have a very different style from the first leaf. The first leaf tells them, "I feel like I don't even know who are anymore."
My favorite season is Fall Out Boy.
An HR rep tells a power drill that unfortunately, he is going to have to fire him.
It's okay, the drill didn't find that desk job very fulfilling anyway.
Inspired by potential business synergy, a woman introduces two anthropomorphic dots, who shake hands to indicate that they are pleased to network.
Even dots love a good networking opportunity!
Two rocks hold hands and skip
Skip stones, not school!
It's an allosaurus next to nothing, which, in dinosaur terminology, would be a nothingosaurus.
Studies show that the allosaurus actually evolved into the nothingosaurus. #extinction
First, we see a drawing of a plum tomato. Next to it is a drawing of a plumber tomato, which is, of course, a tomato in overalls with a mustache and a wrench, ready to fix a leak.
Comparative adjectives, explained
A sailboat coasts along the ocean waves, which, as they ebb and flow, also offer such thoughts as "I'm willing to hear your thoughts on it!" "I'm glad I can be honest about my feelings with you!" and "Sure, let's try something new!"
Many more adventures lie here than in the emotionally-stunted sea.