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Two coffee cups think unfiltered thoughts while saying nice, polite, filtered things to each other.
Don't talk to me before I've had my coffee coach me on how to politely interact with others.
In this pun on the four elements - and in reference to Avatar the Last Airbender - we see the four elements of Jane: Jane Fire, Jane Water, Jane Earth, and Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre
The elements, as explained by Charlotte Bronte
In this pun on sun burn, a guy looks up at the sun and says "You're so bright!" The sun points at him and and quips. "That makes one of us!"
Put some aloe on that sick burn!
Three wine bottles (a pinot noir, a merlot, and a rose) all wear glasses.
They're like beer goggles, but classier.
One beaver asks another beaver, who is building a dam, "Hey! Can I have that?"
But if you join the beaver's patreon, he WILL give you exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of how to pick out the perfect stick.
A bobcat, next to a cat with a bob hairdo.
I learned a valuable lesson from this drawing: that cats would look much more fashionable if they just wore wigs.
We see complementary angles (a 60 degree and a 30 degree one) next to some complimentary angels, praising each other's halos and wings.
Geometry, explained
A cardinal says to a blue jay, "Dang, I am envious of your blue feathers," and therefore enacting the sin of jealousy.
Major blunders of the animal kingdom
In this pun on old-time band, two elderly clocks play some tunes on fiddle and banjo.
One of life’s greatest joys is square dancing to the upbeat tunes of an elderly clock.
A bank demonstrates its gymnastics prowess by flipping over a vault.
The only aspect of banking that I care about