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A sailboat coasts along the ocean waves, which, as they ebb and flow, also offer such thoughts as "I'm willing to hear your thoughts on it!" "I'm glad I can be honest about my feelings with you!" and "Sure, let's try something new!"
Many more adventures lie here than in the emotionally-stunted sea.
In this accounting pun, an accountant sheep reads a child a bedtime story from the 2021 accounting ledger. The sheep is in the middle of a thrilling tale, as she reads "But the transaction wasn't an asset... it was a liability!"
My favorite bedtime story is Goldilocks and the Three Balance Sheets.
A guardin' party is clearly a party of guards doing what the do best - guarding. This particular party has a Buckingham Palace guard, some security guards, and a bouncer.
A fun summer activity to do with all your friends!
A drink coaster, but it is on wheels.
Finally, a roller coaster I can get behind!
A crescent moon nervously clenches its teeth while bracing the bench as it gets its legs waxed by an esthetician in crocs.
One of the more painful phases of the moon
A crash test dummy next to a person acing a test on the physics of inelastic collisions.
A crash course in. crash courses
A navigational compass suggests, "We must do the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people!"
A very utilitarian piece of equipment
In this pun of the Knights of the Round Table, we see Sir Iron, with magnets stuck to his armor; Sir Potassium, donning the emblem of the potassium-rich banana; Sir Neon, who glows bright with neon light; and Sir Helium, who holds balloons.
Only some of these knights are noble.
In this pun of Tik Tok, two ticks host an NPR show about healthy and fun ways to cook with blood at your next dinner party.
Ok, I get why the kids love this.
A hamburger, fries, and a soda on the roof of a house
I wish more of my dining experiences included this.