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A cadbury egg claps as it watches an Easter performance by a bunch of peeps marshmallows.
A baby gives a wedding toast in this pun on the movie The Brave Little Toaster.
I would watch this movie.
In this pun on slumber party, a politician stands at a lectern in footy pajamas and gives a stump speech about the importance of more naps, better sleep, sweeter dreams, and comfier pjs.
An example of the hard hitting policies we could have if the US expanded from a 2-party system
In this pun on Passover Seder, we see a satyr offering people matzah ball soup.
Next year in Ancient Greece
A woman smells a rat and asks, "Is that Axe Body Spray?"
Fantasizing about days of yore when I could masklessly smell rats that soak themselves in body spray.
A rotary telephone tap dances.
I know the more accepted term is "Wire Tapper," but it was too hard to find tap shoes small enough for a wire.
In this pun on the musical number The Cell Block Tango from the play Chicago, a cell tango dances with a block.
I'm not totally sure how this advanced the plot of the musical "Chicago"...
A baby writes out a mathematical proof about the geometry of triangles.
Not sure why this is so important for expectant parents.
A social media feed with chicken news  in this pun on chicken feed.
If you need me, I'll be browsing FaceBokbokbok. #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on Microsoft PowerPoint, people do powerful pointing.
Not sure why work doesn't find my PowerPoints informative