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In this pun on bald eagle, we see an eagle trying on wigs at a wig shop.
In this pun on catapult, we see a catapult that is about to propel a very scared cat into the air.
Don't worry, the cat will land safely on her feet, and probably use them to crawl all over her owner in the middle of the night. #subtlecriesforhelp
In this pun on the magic mirror from fairy tale Snow White, we see a different kind of magic mirror - a mirror who is a magician! This is tough because the cards he's hiding in his hand are unfortunately reflected in him.
Mirror mirror on the wall, how'd you know my card was the 8 of diamonds?
Two hippos stand on a college campus - a hippocampus-- at Hippo University. One shares a recent memory, the other, a more distant memory.
Shockingly, I am not a neuroscientist.
A home cooks a delicious meal.
My home cooking is great because my home has been watching a lot of J. Kenji Lopez-Alt videos.
Frightened pigeons yell "Coup! Coup!"
A snapshot from (recent) history
Two alligators are such great pals that they share a hug.
Not to be confused with Sweet-Talkodiles
In this pun on the fairy tale Puss in Boots, an octopus wears eight different boots.
My favorite fairy tale!
Four Pokemon characters who are all ingredients from poke bowls - Toonafin the Tuna, Gingee the ginger root, Avo the Avocado, and the ScalPals, a group of scallions.
Gotta catch (and freshly prepare) 'em all!
In this pun on the 90's jam band Counting Crows, two crow accountants make calculations about nest eggs.
I've been hangin' around/this H&R Block on the corner