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In this play on the idea that zombies are chasing you screaming "BRAINS!," we see a woman charmed by the prospect of being chased by a man (albeit an undead one) yelling BRAINS, thinking "What a relief to meet a man with the right priorities."
Love in the Time of Zombie Apocalypses
In this pun on the Cobra health insurance you get after you leave a job, we see an HR rep telling a former employee, "It's a common misconception that signing up for Cobra is a safe option," because Cobra is, in fact, a poisonous snake.
To be fair, a snake would probably be more helpful than some of the health insurance providers I have had in the past.
In this pun on the term catfishing, we see a cat fishing - in full fisherman gear, relaxing in a boat.
A classic premise for an MTV reality show!
In this taxonomy pun cartoon, we see a woolly mammoth, next to mammoths made of other fabrics: a felty mammoth, a cottony mammoth, and a very uncomfortable spandexy mammoth.
Why I am not a taxonomist
In this pun on the story from Genesis of Adam giving one of his ribs to make Eve, we see Adam and Eve at a bar-b-q restaurant and Adam offers Eve one of his pork ribs to eat.
On a biblical kick, so it seems
In this pun on nursery rhyme "Do you know the muffin man," we see the muffin man in therapy. His therapist asks him, "Do YOU know the muffin man?"
A realistic snapshot of my life
In this play on Apple exec Steve Jobs' infamous and ever-present black turtleneck, we see Steve's job's turtle's neck. This plays out by seeing Steve, who is at work at an exotic pet shop, standing next to a turtle, who has a neck.
I’d say this sums up my knowledge of the tech industry.
In this pun on Noah's ark, we see Noah's arcade, an arcade with two of every video game (2 Donkey Kongs, 2 Mortal Kombats, 2 Pac-mans, presumably 2 non-functional Dance Dance Revolutions).
You are only allowed out of the arcade when a dove arrives with an olive branch.
In this pun on seances summoning spirits, we see a seance that has accidentally summoned school spirit (which is a cheerleader who is overly enthusiastic about her school).
I guess a seance with any spirit present is a successful seance.
In this pun on the Christmas song, "Chestnuts roasting by an open fire," we see chess nuts boasting by an open fire (well, a fireplace). One brags about her  Alekhine's defence, while the other brags of his Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.
I have no idea what the people in this cartoon are saying.