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In this pun on Cinderella, a prince looks at an elephant-sized glass slipper and wonders who it belongs to, as a line of women, including one elephant, stands behind him.
Inspired by all the times I've unwittingly fallen in love with an elephant.
We see a water cooler next to a water coolest (which is just a very hip glass of water in sunglasses).
Comparative vs Superlative adjectives, explained
In this pun on hedge fund, a woman holds a bag of money and dreams about how she will spend it on a beautiful garden hedge.
Wouldn't it be great to live in a world where one of the most profitable jobs was working towards making other people's gardening dreams come true?
In this mashup of preschool television show Sesame Street and vintage arcade game Street Fighter, the Count and Bert fight it out street fighter-style.
Finally, a collaboration all pre-schoolers who love vintage arcade games have been waiting for!
In this pun, we see a person who LOVES all the symphony instruments as he embraces a cello, viola, french horn, snare drum, bassoon, and sax while seated on a piano.
A new clinical diagnosis for those with an unbridled desire to play Bach on the bassoon til the break of dawn.
In this pun on World of Warcraft, we see an orc reaching level 5 as he completes a new skill set - quilting!
I would either be a level 7 googly eye gluing shaman or a level 2 origami druid.
In this pun of alter ego, we see a conversation between a couple, where one reveals that this whole time, he has had a second life, an altar ego, as a preacher.
Dedicated to everyone out there who learned, after months of dating, that their love interest had a secret life as a clergy member.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a Bar Mitzvah boy talking about studying 3 sentences of the Torah over a few years, next to a Bill Barr Mitzvah, which is Bill Barr saying he scanned the Torah and found no evidence of conspiring with Russia in it.
Sending thoughts and prayers to anyone bracing themselves for spirited discussions about politics or religion this upcoming holiday season.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a person lazing on a couch-a couch potato-- and a couch with an actual potato on it-- a potato couch.
Lazy Sunday where my most inspired idea is about making miniature furniture for vegetables
Some peanuts stand in a art gallery of peanut-themed art.
Contrary to popular belief, this is a very civilized place.