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In this play on Trump calling President Zelensky of Ukraine asking him to dig up dirt on Biden, we see Trump playing Dream Phone - a 90s board game where you use a plastic phone to call hot boys - and asks it to dig up dirt on Biden. Oy!
[NB: Dream Phone was a board game from 1991 where you talk to hott boyz on a plastic cordless phone to figure out which one likes you.]
In this comparison cartoon, we see Star Wars character Jar Jar Binx next to bar/bar jinx, which is just two people saying "Bar" at the same time, with the one who says Jinx first presumably being owed a coke by the other.
I apologize for how asinine this is.
In this pun on the rat race, we see some rats running a race!
It’s exhausting! It’s never ending! And it’s only a 5k!
In this pun on the play turned film Frost/Nixon, we see Frosty/Nixon, which is Frosty the Snowman interviewing former president Richard Nixon.
May all serious dramas be adapted into Christmas movies!
In this pun on parking spot, we see Spot, a dog, parking a dog next to a very complicated parking sign.
See Spot delicately navigate and possibly misinterpret the complicated LA parking signs. Park, Spot, park!
In this pun on the Terminator, we see the Roosterminator, which is just a terminator that is also a rooster.
I’ll be bock bock bock.
In this pun on bull fighting, we see two bulls in an argument - one blames the other saying "This is all YOUR fault!" The other fumes.
A thrilling spectator sport
In this pun on the phrase "None of my business," we see the nun of my business, which is a nun who works at a store I would have if I had a business.
Yes, this is what my business would be.
In this pun on the abominable snowman, we see the abdominable snowman, which is just a yeti/big foot with a rockin' six pack of abs.
One of the more unbelievable urban legends
In this pun on the flag waving group Color Guard, we see a guard from Buckingham palace guarding paint colors.
In lieu of writing my own thoughts on this drawing, I want to share this quote from the Wikipedia article on Color guard: “They perform using their equipment (flag, rifle, saber, prop, etc.), and emotional connections (facial expressions and dance and sometimes voice) to the audience to enhance the meaning and feeling of their show.”