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We see some chickens living in pax (peace)
Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with poultry.
We see a stalk in a stocking stalking chicken stock.
For those of us with whom “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo” does not resonate. #celebrityhomonym
We see the (ex) bride of Frankenstein with her new beau, Dracula, running into her ex, Frankenstein. Pretty awkward.
An important PSA as to why we should never name anyone “The Bride of _____.”
In this pun on dental plaque, we see a plaque on someone's tooth.
This #givingtuesday, why not dedicate a tooth in honor of a loved one?
In this pun on Spiderman, we see Cider-man, which is just Spiderman who likes to drink cider.
(Spidey is over 21 in this multiverse.)
In this pun on the Insane Clown Posse and Juggalos, we see the Insane Cloud Posse and the Snuggalos (just clouds with ICP makeup)
Sorry about this.
In this pun on Jeopardy, we have Leopardy, which, of course, is jeopardy where the contestants are leopards and the questions are all about leopards.
Hopefully the contestant interviews would be just as awkward as they are on the human version.
In this pun on cat call, we have a cat on the phone, calling a friend. The conversation, of course, is exclusively meows.
The only good kind of cat call (if you consider listening to incessant meowing on the telephone “good”).
In this pun on Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, we see a member of Shakespearean royalty - a Lord - performing on the gymnastics rings.
I’d say my main criticism of men’s gymnastics is that they don’t wear enough berets.
In the pun on judging a book by its cover, we see a judge in court. Unfortunately, that judge is the honorable Love in the Time of Cholera, and now it's time for this book to judge you.
Slaughterhouse 5 gave me 12 months without probation for thinking it was a book about butchery.