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In this portrayal of the fact that I was confused when I boy I tutor said boys sell Juuls in the bathroom at his school, we see boys selling jewels and jewelry, not vape pens.
Public service announcement: Juuls are not jewels.
In this pun on hedgehog, instead of a cute animal, we see a person hogging the hedge.
Why do people think these are so cute?
In this pun on swing states, we see some states pulling watches out of a hat, talking about what states they'll be relocating to later that night (that's right, they are swingers.... swing states...)
Apparently (according to Wikipedia), Tennessee isn’t technically a swing state, but a gal can dream.
In this pun on the phrase it's hard to trust the polls, we see three poles who are clearly untrustworthy.
Getting ready for the #midterms!
In this pun of daylight savings time, daylight (the sun) saves time (a clock) as she hold him while he dangles off a cliff and she says, "I'll never tlet you go!"
“I’ll always catch you when you fall [back].”
In this pun on attachment issues, we have a therapist diagnosing a client with attachment issues. The patient is, of course, attached to a giant squid.
Yes, going to school to be a therapist has driven me to insanity.
Inspired by movember, we have some other alternatives to November: Sloppy Joe-vember, Vincent van Gogh-vember, Antiques Road Show-vember, and Typo-vember.
For those of you who cannot believe it's November, now you can pretend it's a different month instead!
A woman sidles up next to a jack-o-lantern, and it is clear she's not dating him for his brains, because pumpkins don't have brains.
Yes, I drew this solely based on the asinine premise that jack-o-lanterns are hollow. Happy (pre) Halloween!
In this pun on mum's the word, we see a game show called Flower Feud, and the host asks, "This perennial is the official flower of Chicago." The answer? Mum's the word.
A game show we can all get behind
In this mashup of Benjamin Franklin and Frankenstein, we see a Frankenstein-esque version of Ben Franklin flying a kite.
I know, I know, it’s really Benjamin Franklinstein’s monster.