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In this combination of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, we see Elizabeth Bennet and Raskolnikov faces with each other - she thinking "Should I marry him?" and he "Should I kill her with my axe?"
I'm sure I have mistakenly claimed that I "read and loved" this one.
In this comparison cartoon, we see Jurassic Park, where a scary dinosaur attacks a person, next to thoracic park, where scary back pain attacks a person.
Both equally scary in different ways
Two parrots make small talk, but of course, all they are asking each other is if Polly wanna cracker.
How I imagine every parrot conversation goes
In this play on the anxiety of taking math tests, we see a girl taking an exam feeling that the student next to her has an unfair advantage on this geometry test since he is a triangle.
Dedicated to everyone who feels physically ill when asked to write a proof
In this pun of Birth of Venus by Botticelli, we see a piece by Robotticelli, which is just the original painting but everyone is a robot.
Looking forward to the robot renaissance
In this pun on kitty litter, we see a jerky cat throwing some trash on the ground.
Some cats can be jerks. #notallcats
Two face cards from a playing card deck have a sweet exchange - the king of hearts tells the queen of spades he loves her with all his hearts (I assume that is including the ace.)
The sentiment was obviously returned in spades.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a doctor revealing a patient's personal health information - a clear HIPAA violation - next to an officer giving a hippo a citation for not being a service animal - a clear Hippo violation.
Laws and Violations, Explained
In this pun on the phrase ratify the constitution, we see some rats making changes to the American constitution to make it more rat-centric.
There’d be a lot of amendments about the right to roam the subway tracks.
In this pun on cocktail hotdogs, we see three pigs in a blanket, which are just three pigs snuggled under a blanket.
A strange thing to display at a cocktail party