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A mole sees the exterior of his Airbnb. Unfortunately, it is a whack-a-mole game at an arcade.
Another victim of the sharing economy
A woman sits next to a sign at a restaurant that says "No outside food." The waiter looks at her sternly, because she is holding a bagel, but she says not to worry, it's her emotional support bagel.
Self Portrait
In this comparison cartoon, we see three boxers, a dog boxer, a boxer athlete person, and boxer underwear.
I would only get in a ring with one of these.
A gym-goer looks at his muscles while he sits at the end of some gym equipment. But there is no muscle, which makes him sad. This is because he is just a skeleton.
New scientific finding: you need muscles to begin with to get bigger muscles. #themoreyouknow
In this comparison cartoon, we see a ballot box next to a ballet box, which is a box that is also a ballet dancer.
Don’t accidentally put your vote in the ballet box!
A beauty pageant contestant accidentally winds up in a children's Christmas pageant.
But really, isn’t everyone a winner when you get to see kids dressed up as sheep?
A tourist judges Paris, saying "It's okay, I guess. I thought the Mona Lisa would be bigger. I'll just go to London next time."
How the Trojan War began
Some people walking their dog tell another passer-by, "We're not sure, but we think he's at least part terrier." The dog is actually a mutant monster.
But really, who rescued who?
A person on the street with a clipboard and vest asks a passing person, "Do you have a minute to discuss other job opportunities for me?"
It’s never too strange a stage in your career to consider law school.
In reference to the Shakira song, "My Hips Don't Lie," a person claims that her hips don't lie, but her hippos do, as her hippos give her lie excuses.
Some find inspiration in nature, others find it in Shakira.