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In this mashup of Benjamin Franklin and Frankenstein, we see a Frankenstein-esque version of Ben Franklin flying a kite.
I know, I know, it’s really Benjamin Franklinstein’s monster.
In this pun on the television show Touched by an Angel, we see a man being poked by a acute angle.
I can’t tell if this is a more or less viable TV show idea than Touched by an Angel.
In this pun on exposure therapy, we see the back of a man in a trench coat as he exposes himself (don't worry, we don't see anything, and neither does anyone else.) He thinks, "Oh, I feel so much better now!"
I’m supposed to be writing 10 pages on evidence based treatments, but hopefully this will suffice.
Time (a guy with a clock as a head) tells his wife he is just popping over to Traders Joe's, but he'll be right back after he runs out.
Don’t forget the peanut butter cups and 2 buck chuck!
In this pun of the changing of the guard, we see a Buckingham Palace guard changing his pants.
A must-see for tourists!
Wee see a squid and a whale talking. The whale says, "Actually, I prefer Moby Richard," a play off the Melville book Moby Dick.
Acquiring a nickname you don’t like isn’t great, even if it doesn’t include the word Dick.
In this cartoon, we see a policeman interrogating a perp. The cop says, "You don't want to talk? Fine. Then please enjoy my daughter's ad nauseum interpretations of Suzuki Book 1." He points to a chipper kid with a violin she clearly can't play well.
Cruel and Unusual Punishment
In this pun of my cup runneth over, we see a person with arms outstretched as her cup runs over.
Clearly my cup hath been working out.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a thief conducting a jewel heist next to a thief conducting a drool heist, where he harvests dog drool from a panting poodle.
Both dangerous endeavors
In this play on chicken the food having strange anatomical names, we see a chicken with its parts labeled - the fingers, the breast, and the thighs.
I never claimed to be a zoologist.