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In this pun of tourist trap, we see a taurus (bull) family posing in front of a tacky statue of the world's largest matador.
“This tourist trap is bull.”
We see the only kind of risk taker I will ever be, which is someone who stealthily steals a copy of famed strategy board game, Risk.
The only risk I’m willing to take (stealing a board game)
In this comparison cartoon, we see two Greek gods toasting with the nectar of the gods next to two cod fish toasting with the nectar of the cods.
One confers immortality on all who drink it, the other turns you into a mild-flavored fish.
Two people eat lunch and comment, "There goes the neighborhood!' as the neighborhood walks by with a duffle bag and waves farewell to them.
Neighborhood watch is just a group that looks for the neighborhood to bring it back home.
We see a doctor giving her patient a second opinion. The patient is a skeleton whose first doctor told it that it had a muscle problem, which probably wasn't true since skeletons don't have muscles.
Which begs the question, how many doctors are willing to see and diagnose talking skeletons?
In this pun on 100% beef franks (aka hotdogs) , we see three cows, who are, as most cows are, 100% beef, and all their names just happen to be Frank!
My favorite part of baseball games (being surrounded by cows that all have the same name)
In this pun on cold turkey, we see a turkey who, despite being quite bundled up, is very cold.
Life hack: Wearing pants makes you warmer!
In this pun on order in the court, we see a judge presiding over a courtroom and yelling at the plaintiffs, who are all disorderly letters of the alphabet, that there MUST be alphabetical order in the court.
An idea for a preschool television show about literacy and litigation (a much needed and oft ignored skill amongst the 2-year-old community)
In this pun of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, we see two kitties.
This book would probably have less knitting and more yarn free-play.
We see several sneaky places where the Republicans are trying to hide the Obamacare repeal (in a lunch bill, a crossword puzzle, an iOs update, and Hallmark Cards)
Always read the iOS updates before clicking “agree.” (A cartoon I drew in December 2017 when the senate was trying to sneak Obamacare repeals into everything. #outdated)