31 Fitness Pun Cartoons

Looking at cartoons is a great way to cool down after getting swole.

In this pun on muscle definition, two gals check out a guy who is holding up a sign with the definition of muscle on it ("Muscle is contractile tissue group into coordinated systems"). One woman says to the other, "Check out that guy's muscle definition!"
He's so strong (at vocabulary)!
In this pun on jumping jacks, we see two jacks (a club and heart from a deck of cards) jumping. This is the greatest form a exercise.
Does playing rummy count as exercise?
In this pun on the idea that pigeons are the rats of the sky, we see the gym rats of the sky - two pigeons getting swole using fitness equipment.
A great way to burn those calories from that bagel you ate off the street that was twice your body weight!
Two rocks hold hands and skip
Skip stones, not school!
Two anthropomorphic hands run across a finish line at the same time.
I’m so sorry, I’d love to help, but my hands are running a 5K.
In this fitness pun on whole wheat bagels, some swole bagels celebrate their bulging muscles amongst gym equipment.
My real life workout routine is walking to the bagel store.
In this pun on high intensity interval training, an athletic gym trainer yells musical intervals at a cellist for him to play on his cello.
Forget workin' those glutes, it's all about workin' those flutes!
A person stands before a barbell at the gym and says, "Sit... stay.. good boy!" This, of course, is how you train a dog, not how you train with weights to get swole.
Snapshot from my #fitnessjourney
A very muscle forward group of foods (a bagel, a strawberry, and a pizza), demonstrating that while Whole Foods may be the grocery store with healthy options, nothing beats Swole Foods.
The healthiest kind of food
In this pun on dumbbells, we see a strong man at the gym lift two bells, which are saying quite dumb things (like the earth is flat, and the internet is made of crystals).
From this week's episode of "Katie's misconceptions about fitness"...