31 Fitness Pun Cartoons

Looking at cartoons is a great way to cool down after getting swole.

In this comparison cartoon, we see a person walking the plank on a pirate ship next to them doing a plank at a gym. It's a toss-up over which is worse.
A really difficult would-you-rather
In this pun on the carnival game the cake walk, we see two cakes walking.
I can’t tell if this is healthy or not.
In this pun on the exercise machine The Stair Master, we see the stare master, which is just a guy who is really good at staring.
From my upcoming book: “The Gym? What is that?”
In this comparison cartoon, a woman in Soul Cycle bike exercise clothes sits at a spinning wheel (for spinning wool into yarn) next to two old-timey women. The exercise woman thinks, "I'll never get why so many people like spin class."
I just want to really underscore my knowledge of exercise is quite minimal.
In this comparison carton, we see an OB-Gyn (a doctor telling a pregnant woman to push) and an OB-Gym (a trainer telling a straining weight-lifting woman to push)
Pretty much the same thing
In this pun on Body Builders, we see two construction workers in hard hats looking at a blue print trying to figure out how to assemble a box of mannequin parts.
No gym membership required.
In this pun on gym rat, we see a rat at the gym lifting weights.
In this pun on Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, we see a member of Shakespearean royalty - a Lord - performing on the gymnastics rings.
I’d say my main criticism of men’s gymnastics is that they don’t wear enough berets.
In this comparison cartoon, we see three boxers, a dog boxer, a boxer athlete person, and boxer underwear.
I would only get in a ring with one of these.
A gym-goer looks at his muscles while he sits at the end of some gym equipment. But there is no muscle, which makes him sad. This is because he is just a skeleton.
New scientific finding: you need muscles to begin with to get bigger muscles. #themoreyouknow