31 Fitness Pun Cartoons

Looking at cartoons is a great way to cool down after getting swole.

In this pun on ripped jeans, we see some swole jeans lift some weights.
I prefer mom jeans, because I'd rather my pants have adorable jeanie babies than a six pack.
In this pun on the movie Blade Runner, we see a knife running.
Based on the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Knives?"
In this pun on famed construction piece of equipment - the fork life - we see a buff gym-goer lifting weights, but his weight is just a fork. He is very muscly, and if he got this way from this work out routine, I am going to start trying it.
My exercise routine #bulkup
In this pun on the brontosaurus, we see a dinosaur called the brawn-tosaurus, which is a chiseled dino with a six-pack of abs and swole arms lifting a 7.5 million pound weight. He wears a hat that says, "Gains 4 Lyfe " as all bros who lift must.
There’s a reason they weren’t called “braintosauruses.”
In this pun on the idiom "fit as a fiddle," we see an anthropomorphic fiddle who is very swole indeed!
I know these are probably unrealistic fitness goals for a generally slim instrument.
In this pun on the new year's resolution to exercise more, we see someone exorcising more by performing an exorcism on a possessed girl. (Don't worry, it all worked out!)
Taking inventory of my yearly goals
In this pun on the rat race, we see some rats running a race!
It’s exhausting! It’s never ending! And it’s only a 5k!
In this pun on the abominable snowman, we see the abdominable snowman, which is just a yeti/big foot with a rockin' six pack of abs.
One of the more unbelievable urban legends
In this comparison cartoon, we see a stationery bike next to bike stationary, a pile of personalized pens, envelopes, and letters all "From the Desk of Mr. Bikey McWheelerson"
Wishing the gym were just a place to hold written correspondences with bicycles
In this pun on Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle, we see Ripped Van Winkle, an old guy with a long beard, asleep under a tree, who, with his six pack and toned muscles, is very fit.
Oh, to fall asleep for 20 years and wake up toned!