78 Literary Pun Cartoons

Love books but don't have the time to read? Why not just look at a cartoon loosely based on a book instead!

In this pun on Cinderella, a prince looks at an elephant-sized glass slipper and wonders who it belongs to, as a line of women, including one elephant, stands behind him.
Inspired by all the times I've unwittingly fallen in love with an elephant.
In this cartoon, we see biblical character Jonas inside a whale. Unfortunately, it is the same whale that Pinocchio, the singing wooden puppet is inside of.
Keeping the "God" in "Oh God, why is she drawing these?"
In this pun on Twilight fan fiction, we see a scene from Twilight, but reenacted by fans.
Forget #teamedward or #teamjacob. The real question is are you #teamceilingfan or #teamboxfan?
In this pun on the Gabriel Garcia Marquez book "Love in the Time of Cholera," we see love AFTER the time of cholera- which is just two skeletons holding hands lovingly noting that love is much easier now that they don't have sick intestines.
The sequel we all deserve
In this pun on Paul Bunyon's companion Babe the Big Blue Ox, we see Babe the Big Blue Oxford Comma Enthusiast, a blue ox schooling Paul on the thrills of grammar.
He’s big, he’s blue, and he’s ready to go on an hour-long rant about grammar at a moment’s notice.
In this pun on the play turned film Frost/Nixon, we see Frosty/Nixon, which is Frosty the Snowman interviewing former president Richard Nixon.
May all serious dramas be adapted into Christmas movies!
In this pun on War and Peace, we see a scene from Thumb War and Peace, where two Russian generals are locked in thumb battle. The stakes are lower, but the rewards are also lower.
Hopefully this would be a much shorter book.
In this pun on Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream, we see a sleeping person dreaming that all her teeth are falling out.
Should I write a play about this?
In this pun on Edgar Allan Poe's The Telltale Heart, we see the tell tattletale heart, which is a heart tattlling to Poe. He says: Billy ate his boogers! Maggie poked me! Jeff put a worm in Alice's hair after she spit on him!
Side note: When I substitute taught kindergarten, if kids wanted to tell on other kids, the teacher made them whisper their accusations to a print-out of President Obama that was posted at kindergartener mouth-level.
In this pun on Gulliver's Travels, we see his travels (Gulliver getting tied down by the Lilliputians) versus his travel instagram (a closeup photo of him winking with the caption "Living the island life @ Lillput #wanderlust #travel #never_stop_exploring
Gulliver also cleverly used social media to make us forget that his first name is Lemuel. #themoreyouknow