78 Literary Pun Cartoons

Love books but don't have the time to read? Why not just look at a cartoon loosely based on a book instead!

In this pun on Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle, we see Ripped Van Winkle, an old guy with a long beard, asleep under a tree, who, with his six pack and toned muscles, is very fit.
Oh, to fall asleep for 20 years and wake up toned!
In this comparison cartoon, we see Chicken Little (saying the sky is falling!) next to Chicken Big (saying Ow! I just bumped by head on the sky!)
Oh Lordy why do I do this? #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on famous artwork American Gothic, we see British Gothic, which is the characters from the initial painting reading British Gothic literature (Frankenstein and Rebecca) in front of a gothic cathedral.
I have never read an British gothic literature, but I imagine this is how I would react to it (look a bit bored while holding a candelabra).
In this pun on self care, we see shelf care - a person lovingly hugging and caring for her bookshelf.
Treat yo' shelf!
In this pun on Evelyn Waugh's novel Brideshead Revisited, we see a person visiting, yet again, a disembodied bride's head, and the person says, "Yes, just as spooky as I remembered."
Why would anyone write a novel about this?
In this play on mermaids being half fish, we see Merlin, the wizard from The Sword in the Stone, who, because his name starts with mer-, is clearly half wizard, half fish.
Half fish, half wizard
In this pun on E. B. White's novel Charlotte's Web, we see Charlotte's web of lies, where she tells farm animals lies like "I can't make it, my mom will be in town." or "I have a family emergency."
Don't worry, she'll come clean at her congressional hearing.
In this pun on Stephen Kind's book Pet Semetary,  we see the pet seminary, which is, as you could guess, a seminary for pets.
The scariest part of this movie would be the scene where the cat has a vet appointment during midterm week.
In this pun on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, we see Harry Potter giving a glass of water to a sorcerer, who is clearly suffering from a kidney stone.
Sometimes, magic really is the only solution.
In this pun on Shakespeare's Othello, we see Ocello, who is a cello, who is in love with Saxophona (Desdemona), whose father doesn't approve because Ocello isn't a reed instrument.
I love reeding Shakespeare.