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In this pun on poltergeist, we see a woman being haunted by some chicken ghosts (aka poultrygeist) and some spooky egg spirts.
Nothing is scarier than... the fact that I won’t stop drawing asinine chicken puns on the weekends! #🐓
In this pun on the Jewish life cycle event Bat Mitzvah, we see a bat finally becoming a woman while holding a Torah and wearing a yarmulke.
Some bats have rabies, some bats have rabbis.
In this pun on the Backstreet Boys' classic song Quit Playing Games with My Heart, we see someone playing chess with a heart who seems to be doing much better than the person.
Finally starting to understand the incredible depth of Backstreet Boys lyrics
In this pun on the gene pool. we see some strands of DNA hanging out and swimming in an above-ground pool.
A pool one should definitely not pee in (note: I feel all pools should remain urine-free)
In this pun on the Erie Canal, we see an eerie canal, which is a very spooky canal surrounded by scary trees, ghosts, and skeletons, and upon which the grim reaper rides down on a boat.
I’ve got a ghost and her name is Sal/Fifteen miles on the Eerie Canal
A woman stands at a home depot while an employee hands her a rooster. She says, "No, c-a-u-l-k." We must admit that this chicken misunderstanding is preferable to another caulk misunderstanding.
A classic misunderstanding! Brought to you by another asinine chicken pun filled weekend. #🐓
A small chicken looks up at a sign in front of an amusement park ride and it says "You must be this tall to ride." The chicken is too little... he'd ride the ride with you, but he's a little chicken.
Another weekend of asinine chicken puns coming your way! #🐓
In this pun on being fruitful and multiplying, we see someone who is eating fruit and doing multiplication problems.
And as it is such, so also as such is it unto you
In this pun on the final line of the Alphabet song, we see someone who now knows their ABCs because they are at a networking event with different letters of the alphabet.
The things you learn while networking!
In this pun on I've got a bone to pick for you, we see two people perusing a shelf filled with bones, and they pick one out together.
I’m more of a clavicle gal myself, but I’d settle for an ulna.