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In this pun on healthy dinner choice baked chicken, we see a chicken in a hippy poncho and beanie eating cheetos. He is obviously baked.
Really hitting some all-time lows in my weekend of “asinine puns based on different preparations of chicken.” #🐓
In this pun on fast food favorite, fried chicken, we see a chicken in business attire feeling fried and thinking, "This 80 work week is killing me!"
“Asinine puns based on different preparations of chicken” weekend going strong! #🐓
In this play on mermaids being half fish, we see Merlin, the wizard from The Sword in the Stone, who, because his name starts with mer-, is clearly half wizard, half fish.
Half fish, half wizard
In this pun on therapeutic modality play therapy, we see a therapist with characters from Shakespeare play Hamlet. Hamlet and Yorick (a skull) are in couples therapy, while a therapist asks, "How well did you really know Yorick?)
Although if Hamlet had been in therapy, the play would have been much less exciting.
In this pun on math tutor, we see a math Tudor, a British royal tutoring a kid in the math addition skill, doubles plus one (if you know 5 + 5 and 6 is one more than 5, you know 5 + 6)
The most regal profession of them all.
In this pun on the seven deadly sins, we see the seven deadly shins, seven weapon wielding shins that are pretty tough.
Almost as scary as gluttony or sloth
In this pun on Mary Queen of Scotts, we see Mary Queen of Scotties, who is just a British monarch surrounded by scottie dogs.
May she never be forced to abdicate this throne!
In this pun on hobby horse, we see four horses with hobbies: writing Game of Thrones fan fiction, playing piano, making balloon animals, and knitting.
Everyone needs a hobby!
In this pun on the ten plagues of Passover, we see the modern day 10 plagues: root canals, required reading, bedbugs, wild beasts (rats) in your apartment, seeing sad dog commercials, pimples, snow, filing taxes, eye dilation, death of phone battery
Gearing up for Passover, unable to let go of the horrors of filing taxes/being forced to read Tess of the d’Urbervilles
In this pun on hold your hoses, we see someone embrace her horse.
Keep your friends close and yours horses closer.