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In this pun on Sigmund Freud and schaedenfreud, we see a therapist talking to a patient in psychoanalysis. The patient laments that they dreamed about being in love with their mother, and the therapist laughs to himself and writes "schmuck" in his notes.
My psychoanalytic hero
In this pun on the tips that the NSA is seeking, we see a mohel giving giving an NSA agent a brown bag containing a tip (mohels are people who perform the Jewish bris right of circumcision). Oy!
Anonymous tips are not always helpful.
In this pun on Abraham Lincoln, we see Abraham winkin', which is just Abraham Lincoln winking.
I was going to make a "sexy presidents" series, but honestly, between Pierce, Polk, Harding, and two Bushes, it got too inappropriate.
In this pun on Body Builders, we see two construction workers in hard hats looking at a blue print trying to figure out how to assemble a box of mannequin parts.
No gym membership required.
In this pun on card shark, we see a playing card version of a shark.It is very intimidating, about probably ranks higher than a king.
Just when you thought the stakes couldn't get any higher in your weekly Bridge game
In this pun on Nora Ephron's movie Sleepless in Seattle, we see Sheepless in Seattle: Little Bo Peep is on the phone, lamenting to (probably) Tom Hanks, "It's been lonely without them. I mean, no girl should grow up without a herd."
Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’ second best movie after Ewe’ve Got Mail
In this pun on test anxiety, we see a math test experiencing anxiety about everything, like "Did I turn off the oven? What if I miss my flight next week? Did I make a terrible mistake quitting that job back in 2015?"
How relaxing!
In this pun on job fair, we see a carnival with booths like "guess the age/weight/hirability" and "Pop 3 balloons and we'll take your resume!"
Nothing is more fun!
In this pun on Stephen Kind's book Pet Semetary,  we see the pet seminary, which is, as you could guess, a seminary for pets.
The scariest part of this movie would be the scene where the cat has a vet appointment during midterm week.
In this mashup of astronaut and nautilus, we see everyone's third favorite cephalopod floating in space connected to a shuttle.
The future of the space program