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We see some Paw Patrol characters that didn't make the cut: Sugar the Poodle barista, Iris the shih tzu CPA, Red. the Bloodhound phlebotomist, and P.H. Dee Dee, the pug perpetual grad student.
Though I would definitely watch this version of Paw Patrol
Two reptiles (seemingly alligators) are on a date, and one tells the other, "Ronald, there's something I need to tell you... I'm a crocodile." Ronald realizes that even HE, an alligator, doesn't know the difference between a crocodile and an alligator.
Alligators are from Mars, crocodiles are from Venus.
In this pun on the cartoon Yogi Bear, we see a bear doing yoga.
More half pigeons, less pic-i-nic baskets
In this pun on Socrates and Plato, we see a toga-clad Socrates plays with playdough.
“Someday,” thought Socrates, as he molded a pinch pot he would proudly display to his mom before mushing it into the carpet, causing her to spend 3 hours cleaning it up, “our partnership will be part of history books.”
Some kids play on a yard stick and a grumpy old man yells at them to get off his yard!
Kids love playing on measuring tools!
'Twas nowhere near the night before Christmas, so all the mice are sitting at their mixing bowls and stirring.
It finally feels like spring, so obviously the only thing I can think of is Christmas.
A guy reads a book called "How to Kill a Mockingbird" -- clearly a hunting book that he has confused for Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.
Although this book is a classic for those plagued by mockingbirds that love imitating car alarms
A woman explains to her friend, "Originally, when the dentist said the bridge and crown would be $11,000, I was skeptical, but it was worth it." As she wears a bejeweled crown while standing on her new bridge.
Although it would be disturbing for this kind of Amelia Bedelia-esque dentist to say, “You need a cavity filled.”
In this pun on therapy dog, a dog therapist engages with its client and asks, "Tell me about your pupp.. er... I mean childhood."
Some therapy dogs cuddle, others employ techniques they learned in Freudian analysis institute.
We see a person workin' on the railroad, but they are doing office work at a desk.  I've seen enough Rocky and Bullwinkle to know this is probably a bad idea.
Surprisingly, this was one of my better jobs.