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In this pun on the amazing healthcare facility, the Mayo Clinic, we see an operating room where surgeons are working on a sandwich. One says, "The bread is critically dry!" and another says, "Pass me the spread, stat!" while a third runs in with mayo.
Forget sandwich artists- it's all about sandwich surgeons!
In this comparison cartoon, we see a sun rise (the sun peaking out into the sky behind a crowing rooster) next to a sun raise (the sun sitting at its boss's desk while the boss congratulations the sun on getting a raise to $18.75/hour!)
The sun is setting so early because it has to go to its second job. $18.75 an hour isn't enough during inflation in this solar system!
In this pun on blood bath, we see a red blood cell taking a bubble bath.
Even this is too gory for me.
In this comparison cartoon, we see Cheese, Great (i.e. Swiss cheese that just happens to be great!) versus a cheese grater. It is a play on great and its comparative form, greater.
Levels of cheese greatness, explained
In this pun on pitching a tent (i.e. the act of putting a tent up for camping), we see a woman in front of a powerpoint in a board room "pitching" the idea of a tent. She says, "Imagine a piece of fabric that can stand up without you having to hold it!"
That’s right, I think that the number one selling point of tents is “the fabric looks like it’s floating.”
In this pun on picking your nose, we see two kid team captains picking teams for a PE basketball game. The kid whose choice it is at the moment looks between the two remaining choices - a kid and a giant anthropomorphic nose - and picks her nose.
You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.
In this pun on the phrase you've stolen my heart, we see a robber running away with someone's heart (as in the human organ) while that person, chest ripped open and spurting blood, stands there in shock.
Craigslist: great for connecting with missed connections and buying organs!
In this play on training a dog and asking it to shake, we see a man ready to shake a dog's hand, but the dog has its arms outstretched and says, "Actually, I'm more of a hugger."
An important scenario to be aware of it you're teaching your dog to shake
In this comparison cartoon that plays on the phrase, "True Colors," we see two groups of colors - one, true colors, the other, lying colors. The true colors say true facts (the sky is blue, etc) whereas the lying colors lie ("Fire is pretty cold.")
The lying colors will have to issue a color correction.
In this pun on letting your hair down, a person talks to her very long braided ponytail. The braid holds a fishing rod and looks sad as the person says to it, "I'm sorry, buddy, but I can't take you fishing."
But I generally try to lift my hair up.